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Some of the bridges in Binney ParkDespite parkland being a scarce commodity in today’s day and age, Greenwich is a destination well-known for its lovely parks and beaches.

In fact, many of our visitors spend a great amount of vacation time exploring the nearby parks, including Binney Park in Greenwich, CT. This 32-acre haven in the heart of Old Greenwich serves as a focal point of beauty and is a popular place for locals and visitors alike to come together and appreciate the beauty of nature. If you’ll be visiting Greenwich soon, you won’t want to leave Binney Park off your itinerary!

Binney Park in Greenwich, CT is just one of the many attractions you’ll find in our historic Connecticut town. Download your free copy of our Greenwich, CT, Visitor’s Guide today for a full list of recommendations for local dining, attractions, shopping, and much more!

Brief Binney Park History

tree in sunlight along Binny PondBinney Park was established in 1927 by a man named Edwin Binney and his two daughters. The park used to be a swampy, low-lying parcel of land that sat beside the Boston and Maine Railroad. During what is known as the “Period of Historical Significance,” the park was developed while preserving its historical features. Even after Edwin Binney’s passing, the town comes together to keep the park beautiful and continue the tradition that Mr. Binney held dear for so many years.

For more information about the history of Binney Park, take a look at the Historical Development page!

Things to Do at Binney Park in Greenwich, CT

A bridge over the tidal pool in Binney ParkAll year-round, Binney Park is a wonderful place to relax with your loved ones and seep in the beauty of New England. Trust us, you won’t want to forget your camera when you visit! Since it is also conveniently located near Greenwich Point Park (Tod’s Point), many people opt to make a quick stop at Binney Park on their way to and from the beach!  

Here are just some of the most popular visitor activities at the park:

Binney Park is also the host for seasonal events that you won’t want to miss! During the summer, the 4th of July fireworks display event is absolutely breathtaking and a must for anyone in the area. For one of the best winter activities in CT, lace on your skates for the chance to glide across the lovely frozen CT lakes at the center of the park. These events are ideal for couples and may even become one of the highlights of your Greenwich getaway.

parks in greenwich ct map Binney Park in Old Greenwich, CT: Everything You Need to Know
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