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arugula over eggs Greenwich has a long history of attracting artists from New York City. At a certain point in their career, they seem to want to migrate to somewhere more peaceful to focus on their craft.


You’ll find traces of past waves throughout town:

You’ll also find another, more recent, creative addition that’s made Greenwich wealthier.


Debra Ponzek and Gregory Addonizio opened their first Aux Délices Greenwich store in Riverside in 1995. They have since expanded their operations to three extra stores beyond their flagship.


Two are in Darien and Westport, and one is nestled on Elm Street, a few short steps from Greenwich Avenue.


Twenty years later, and still going strong, the couple has expanded their business to include:

  • Corporate and event catering
  • Cooking classes
  • An office cafeteria location
  • A short-lived coffeeshop on Greenwich Avenue, the Daily
  • And other services




chocolate cake from aux délices greenwich ctChef Debra Ponzek and her husband Gregory Addonizio relocated from New York City to Connecticut.


They both attended the Culinary Institute of America. And they had both enjoyed careers as executive chefs across the country before the reconnected and married.


Settling down in Greenwich was a later idea. The initial push was for Ponzek to work on her cookbooks.


But that appears to have not been enough to keep her busy, which lead to the opening of this quaint country-style kitchen and self-serve café. All day, the restaurant serves French specialties as well as more traditional fare.


Aux Délices’ original intention when it first opened was not to expand. Ponzek and Addonizio were looking for a new challenge that would allow them to combine under one roof their:

  • Ideas
  • Culinary skills
  • And business savvy


At the start of the business, the married couple shared responsibilities. Greg oversaw daily operations while Ponzek worked as the chef. With three children, they knew all too well that many busy families struggled to provide home-cooked meals on a regular basis. The plan was to feed the family nutritious, delicious homemade food that was easy to transport back to their home. From the start, the couple has prioritized ensuring that their dedicated staff made everything from scratch.


Ponzek, recipient of the James Beard award, continues to be the inspiration behind all Aux Délices’ offerings.


And since founding Aux Délices, Chef Ponzek has published four cookbooks:


  • The Dinnertime Survival Cookbook


  • The Summer House Cookbook


  • Family Kitchen


  • And French Food, American Accent


Where to find Aux Délices Greenwich


You can easily visit the original Aux Délices in Riverside. And yet the one in downtown Greenwich is within walking distance from Stanton House Inn!


From the top of Greenwich Avenue, turn right onto Elm Street. Be on the lookout for blue and yellow awnings at 3 West Elm Street, next door to Elm Street Oyster House, one of the most romantic restaurants in Greenwich.


Aux Délices Greenwich Menu


breakfast strataEach day, Aux Délices opens to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Breakfast Menu


Breakfast is a special experience here with:

  • A welcoming, sun-filled space
  • An eye-opening espresso bar

And a pâtisserie selection that includes fruity mini tarts and eclairs in a variety of flavors, from classic to lemon cream.


Lunch Menu


Common lunch items include soups, sandwiches and salads. The most popular salads include a classic Caesar, and a baby arugula with dried cranberries, honey, almonds, and manchego cheese.


Dinner Menu


Dinner features such weekly specials as:

  • Beef bourguignon
  • And pork scallopini with green peppercorn sauce

More regular appearances on the dinner menu include crab cakes with roasted red pepper sauce and eggplant parmesan.


More things to be on the lookout for at Aux Délices


Looking for the ideal present for someone special?


How about a cooking class?


Aux Délices offers adult cooking parties for:


  • Birthdays


  • Anniversaries


  • Bridal showers


  • And any other special occasion you can think of


quiche at aux délices greenwich ctCooking classes are the ideal blend of entertainment, giggles, and practical education. Adult cooking parties are available any night after 6:00 PM; contact them to design the perfect cooking class party for your group!


Bruce Museum Cafe


Need a break while perusing the new Bruce Museum?


Then be sure to swing-by the Bruce Cafe. You’re sure to find something up your alley:

  • Chef-inspired dishes
  • Barista-brewed coffees
  • And other refreshing beverages


Aux Délices manages the cafe, so you’re guaranteed a delightful meal at your table overlooking Bruce Park, or on the museum’s patio with a glass of wine.

Find even more savory delights at other restaurants in Greenwich

freshly baked breakfast pastriesPicking up a meal at Aux Délices can be a unique way to spice-up a romantic evening.


And you’ll find plenty more options for a romantic dinner out on Greenwich Avenue. Be sure to read our full guide to restaurants in downtown Greenwich before you make your decision. Some other fantastic picks include:


  • Elm Street Oyster House, for a romantic seafood meal



  • Miku Sushi, for a romantic Japanese meal


And plan the rest of your visit with the Greenwich CT Visitor’s Guide for all the best things to do in Greenwich, CT.

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