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Canes located under one roof in an antiques market

A weekend trip to upstate New York is always an opportunity to play on the playground of antique stores. Each item you discover has a story to tell. Sure, you could shop online, but that lacks the thrill of the hunt, doesn’t it?


The Hudson Valley is a trove of antiques. From cast iron pans that whisper of hearty meals past, to Shaker chairs creaking with history, the local antique shops in New York have it all.


And the best bit? Many are just a short walk from the Beacon and Hudson Amtrak rail stations. So, even if you’re without a car, you can still partake in the adventure!


New York’s Antiques Hotspots

A large antique mall in New York State with a full display of antiques and vintage items

NY, an Eldorado of antique shops, caters to both casual collectors and seasoned relic hunters. Get ready to traverse regions brimming with charm, each offering a myriad of items. Whether it’s vintage trinkets or grandiose furniture, you’re bound to find an eye-catching piece.


Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley, New York’s cultural heart, is an antiquarian’s dream. It’s teeming with antique stores, from quaint boutiques to bustling centers. For vintage toys, architectural treasures, or fine furniture, it’s the place to be. The most frequented shops? Clustered in a handful of key towns:



Embark on an antiquing adventure down Hudson, New York’s Warren Street. Peek into local shops, art galleries, and uncover unique spots in Columbia County. Antiquing, without question, is one of the best things to do in Hudson, NY.


Cottage Treasures

Cottage Treasures is a gem of a store in Hudson, New York. This isn’t just an antique shop, it’s a 40,000-square-foot playground of history and style. From humble cottages to regal castles, it caters to all. With over 3,000 items, the thrill of the hunt is just as gratifying as the prize itself.


Finch Hudson

Finch is the brainchild of owner Andrew Arrick. More than a shop, it’s a journey into the heart of Hudson’s aesthetic. Finch weaves a tale of timeless furniture and modern decorations. Housed in an old police station, it’s a trove of art, clothing, and even a barbershop.


Red Chair on Warren

Red Chair on Warren curates:

  • 17th,
  • 18th,
  • And 19th-century collectibles

Sourced from Scandinavia and France. Dominated by Swedish, Belgian, and French antiques, this Warren Street shop is a trove of gray, blue, and white hues. Owner Jocelyn Sinauer regularly journeys to France to hand-select items. Housed in an 1800s whaling house, Red Chair on Warren is a hub of interior design inspiration and a staple of Hudson’s antique scene.


Saugerties Antiques Center

In the quaint town of Saugerties, history and antiques intertwine. The Saugerties Antiques Center, open since 1981, offers a trove of items from vintage ’70s sundresses to Tiffany silver. Whether it’s Louis Vuitton luggage or four-poster beds, the exquisite collection at this Main Street shop is a must-visit for unique and high-end finds.



Kingston, Ulster County’s seat, is on the upswing. The Dutch colonial charm of downtown spills into the Roundout waterfront. There’s more than antiquing here, but it certainly adds spice.


Milne’s At Home Antiques

Milne’s isn’t your run-of-the-mill antique shop. It’s a treasure chest of the old and new, where industrial antiques mingle with modern pieces. Nestled near the waterfront, it’s also a design firm, turning visitors’ dream homes into reality. Looking for something specific? Milne’s is on the case.


Zaborski Emporium

Enter Zaborski Emporium, a towering antique warehouse filled with:


  • Vintage lighting
  • Farmhouse sinks and fixtures
  • Antique plumbing parts
  • And hardware


Daunting yet alluring, home renovators make a beeline for the Zaborski antique warehouse. Despite its rough edges, it houses rare, affordable furnishings and architectural salvage. So, gear up and dive into the maze that is Zaborski Emporium.



Visit Outdated, Kingston’s antique store and coffee shop. Browse relics, savor delectable cookies, or enjoy their vegan and vegetarian offerings. A feast for the eyes and the palate.


Antiques Barn at Water Street Market

You may find your next decor treasure in up to three floors of shopping, depending on where you go

At the center of Water Street Market in New Paltz, NY, you’ll find the Antiques Barn. This red antiques barn offers a massive mixture of jewelry, glass, furniture, and pottery in its two floors. Whether an experienced collector or a casual shopper, you’ll find charm here. And with Kingston just a 20-minute drive away, it’s an adventure waiting to happen.


Cold Spring

Cold Spring, NY, is a personal favorite among Hudson River towns. Imagine this: a hike up Breakneck Ridge, followed by a treasure hunt in Main Street’s antique shops. Perfect day, no?


Cold Spring Antiques Center

At this Main Street storefront, 20 vendors peddle their specialties. Whether it’s vintage jewelry, nostalgic vinyl records, retro clothing, or sports memorabilia, you’re acquiring the finest, not just buying.


DamnAged Vintage

DamnAged, curated by visual merchandising veteran Judiann Romanello, is a vintage paradise where the hunt is as rewarding as the find. Expect high-end, fashionable vintage clothing.


Time to detour to some lesser-known spots worth a visit on your journey.


Hyde Park Antiques Center | Hyde Park

For over 15 years, Hyde Park Antiques Center has been a haven for history lovers, with 50 dealers in 9,500 sq ft space. The main building, a late 1700s gem, was President Roosevelt’s secret service headquarters in the 1930s and 1940s. Today, Hyde Park Antiques Center offers a changing array of items, from vintage bureaus to clocks, all reflecting the rich history of the Hudson Valley.


Rhinebeck Antiques Emporium | Rhinebeck

The Rhinebeck Antique Emporium, the Hudson Valley’s crown jewel, is a trove for interior decorators and designers. This Route 9 mainstay in the town of Rhinebeck, NY, offers an array of services, including appraisals and shipping. The Rhinebeck Antique Emporium a one-stop-shop for all things vintage:


  • Artwork echoing forgotten eras
  • Time-worn fixtures
  • Appraisals revealing your finds’ worth
  • And mass liquidations, a treasure hunter’s dream


Inherited heirlooms in need of a touch-up? Their on-site repair team can restore them to their former glory.


Newburgh Vintage Emporium | Newburgh

Behold, the Newburgh Vintage Emporium, a 50,000 square feet antiquities empire, with two locations a mere seven-minute gallop apart. Open six days a week, it’s a labyrinth of offerings from over 125 vendors.


Among the regulars are Bachman Brown, Michael Tavano, Mikel Welch, and Toma Clark Haines, each seeking inspiration for their next masterpiece. So, why not follow in their well-trodden paths?


Upstate New York

A treasure trove of vintage gems and antiquesCraving a journey? Head to Upstate NY, a wonderland of antique stops. From childhood relics to yesteryear’s adornments, it’s a wonderland. Visit in autumn and let the fall foliage be your shopping backdrop.


One Potato Two

Roaming through the stunning Finger Lakes waterfalls and wineries, you might fancy a bit of treasure hunting.


Enter One Potato Two, a vast 7,000-square-foot emporium in the Finger Lakes region, housing over 60 dealers. Customers laud the diverse selection and the helpful crew. From art to “tramp art,” chests to copperware, it’s a trove of curiosities. I an area rich with antique offerings, a trip to One Potato Two is an adventure in discovery.


Syracuse Antiques Exchange

Syracuse, a scholarly town in central New York, is a bit long for a day trip from NYC. That said, it shelters the Syracuse Antiques Exchange, a fortress of relics spanning four floors. From tiny trinkets to grand furniture, the exchange is a worthy journey. But tread slowly, treasures hide in every corner.


Not done with the hunt for antique stores? Then head over to our guide to antique stores in Connecticut.


Tips for Successful Antiquing

Items for sale in an antiques shop in New York

Embarking on a New York antique hunt? Arm yourself with cash, as some dealers still shun plastic. Charm, not force, is your best negotiation tactic. If you find a family of items, negotiate a group discount. Know what you seek, test before you buy, and exercise patience. The best deals and hidden gems often lie buried in the most cluttered yard sales. Even if you return home empty-handed, the adventure is its own reward.


Uncovering Hidden Gems: Small Town Antiques

A small town antique shop with a curated collection of antiques and vintage items

Shun the city’s hustle and bustle. Venture into New York’s small towns, where antique stores are as unique as their treasures. Standouts include:



Take the road less traveled. Discover the hidden gems in New York’s small towns.


The Art of Restoration: Antique Workshops and DIY Opportunities

A workshop for restoring antiques and vintage items

For restoration enthusiasts, New York State offers:



Whether a novice or a pro, these workshops are great source of knowledge and fellowship.


Seasonal Events and Festivals for Antiques

A seasonal antiquing event or festival in New York

As the seasons shift, New York attracts even more bargain hunters to this antique lover’s paradise. The Madison-Bouckville Antique Week is a historical cavalcade, attracting a throng of history enthusiasts. When autumn paints the leaves in the Adirondack Mountains, Indian Lake welcomes its annual Adirondack Mountains Antiques Show, a carnival of curiosities. Add to this list the Brooklyn Flea, LIC Flea and Food, and others, and you’ve got quite the treasure hunt ahead of you.


And pop over the border into Connecticut for even more flea markets. The list includes Elephant’s Trunk, one of the largest flea markets in New England.


Antique Shopping for the Perfect Gift

A gift shop with a wide selection of antiques and vintage items

When it comes to gift-giving, nothing rivals the charm of a vintage find from an antique shop. Upstate New York’s antique shops offer a bounty of unique gifts, perfect for any occasion.


Top shops for your treasure hunt include:


Choosing a gift from these shops supports local businesses and preserves the unique culture and history of the area.



From quaint towns to seasonal events, New York is a smorgasbord of antiques. By supporting local businesses, you’re preserving unique culture and history. So, embark on your New York antiquing adventure and gather keepsakes that will whisper your story to future generations.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the antique capital of New York?

Hudson, New York, the undisputed Antique Capital, is a collector’s dream in the Hudson Valley. With 40,000 square feet of vintage splendor, it’s an art gallery and history museum in town form. Short and sweet, for antique aficionados, Hudson is the bee’s knees.


What is the antiques capital of the US?

Adamstown, Pennsylvania, is the mecca for antique aficionados in the U.S. Thousands flock here yearly, drawn by the lure of treasures from bygone eras. From furniture to jewelry, art, and beyond, Adamstown caters to all, while its annual shows and festivals add a dash of spectacle.


Is thrifting the same as antiquing?

Thrifting and antiquing? As different as chalk and cheese. Thrift stores are a jumble sale, antiques are a curated gallery of quality merchandise. One’s a lucky dip, the other, more of a sure thing.


What are the top antique hotspots in NY?

Chart a course for Brooklyn, Hudson, or Kingston. There, amidst history’s dust, find treasures aplenty – from furniture to jewelry.


When is the best time to go antiquing in Upstate New York?

When Upstate New York’s leaves blaze in fall, it’s antiquing’s golden hour. The vibrant foliage? Just a bonus to your vintage quest.


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