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antique portrait for saleWhile this writer doesn’t agree with every stereotype about Connecticut, one does seem to be accurate.


That is, shopping at antique stores is a quaint and charming way to spend an afternoon.


And that some of the best antique stores are in Connecticut.


Are you an antiquer with purpose looking for that special table, armoire, or desk?


Or are you more of a rambler, letting your curiosity be your guide?


Either way, to lovers of antiques, poking around shops and auction houses, Connecticut is calling your name. Connecticut boasts such an impressive amount of antique stores, it has its very own antique trail.


However, there are a lot of antique shops in CT. So many, in fact, that the  adventurous antique lover can head out and find at least one store in every charming Connecticut town.


12 of the best antique stores in Connecticut


If you want to literally take the easy route, we’ve narrowed down your choices to twelve of the best antique stores in CT.


We’ve also included an activity or two to incorporate into your antique shopping journey for each stop.


Note that the shops are in order of distance from our inn in downtown Greenwich, Connecticut. That said, they are all equally fabulous in our books!


1. Greenwich Living Antiques and Design Centre; Stamford, CT


globe and other items on display at a Connecticut antique storeIf you want bragging rights that you share something in common with the likes of:


  • Katherine Zeta Jones
  • Beyonce
  • Anne Hathaway


Then shopping at Greenwich Living Antiques and Design Centre is the place to be. This is not your run-of-the-mill antique store. Instead, you’ll find high-end items including furniture, mirrors, light fixtures and more.


If you are very particular about every item in your home, you will find elegant, unique pieces that speak to your discerning taste. Shopping here and the other high-end stores in Stamford’s antiques shopping district is one of the most unique things to do in Connecticut.


While in the area, don’t miss the opportunity to experience the stunning architectural beauty of the Glass House. Designed in the late 1940s by noted architect and Frank Lloyd Wright contemporary, Phillip Johnson, the building is historic for its integration into its natural setting and innovative materials. It marked an introduction of the International Style to America.


And check-out our full guide to attractions, activities and things to do in Stamford, Connecticut, for more to do while you’re in town.


2. Fairfield County Antique & Design Center; Norwalk, Connecticut


Some antique centers with many dealers didn’t make this list because they can be rather depressing.


Sad wares displayed in a way that looks more like a hoarding nightmare than a vendor stall, more than a few are better avoided.


But not the Fairfield County Antique & Design Center.


The antiques from various periods are all high-quality, well-preserved, and reasonably priced.


At least, considering this is still Fairfield County.


A personal favorite for this writer at this top pick of antique stores in CT is DC Kingswood.


Once you’re done shopping in Norwalk, be sure to explore of the attractions, activities, and restaurants of Norwalk, Connecticut.


3. Tongue in Chique; Bridgeport, CT


This writer is all about pun business names, and the name of this Connecticut antique store is quite clever.


And with a name like Tongue in Chique, a clever discovery is what the shopping experience is about.


If you are looking for the perfect décor piece for your home, Tongue in Chique has it all.


Whether you are strictly seeking antiques or open to one-of-a-kind pieces of a more modern nature, you’ll enjoy your time here. The beautifully designed furniture and accessories are sure to set the right tone for your sense of style.


If your love of antiques is shared with a love of art, plan to stop in at the Housatonic Museum of Art. There, you can stroll the galleries featuring international works from the 18th through to the 21st century, as well as pieces by:

  • Sylvia Stone
  • Jeff Koons
  • Alex Katz


Add in Mongers Market and the next stop on this list, and you’ll have a full day trip planning exploring unique shopping attractions in Bridgeport, Connecticut.


You’re welcome.


4. Stratford Antique Center; Stratford, CT


man walking through one of the best antique shops in CTThe bright blue color of this building is not the only distinguishing feature of Stratford Antique Center. With over 200 vendors in one location, it’s one of the largest antique malls in Connecticut.


Head to one of the largest roadside attractions in Stratford, CT, to find anything and everything you want, from furniture to collectibles and glassware to statues. You’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to browse the wares, so you don’t miss a thing.


Be sure to treat yourself to some ice cream at Wells Hollow Creamery. There, you can choose from over 50 different flavors as a reward for your shopping finesse.


Or explore more of the best breweries in Connecticut that are clustered in the Bridgeport / Stratford area.


5. Fleur De Lis Antiques & Design; Redding, CT


As the name implies, this little gem specializes in French Country.


That said, you’ll also find an impressive variety of periods, including the popular Mid-Century Modern.


Their carefully curated selection speaks to the owners’ eye for beauty. Common pieces include:

  • High-end designer pieces including art
  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Jewelry
  • Decorative accessories


The collection at Fleur de Lis Antiques is so well known that they are the go-to spot for both film and television set designers. And even some of the celebrities that star in the productions will make a visit.


While you’re there visit the Lonetown Farm Museum and explore the books at the Mark Twain Library. The library was founded as the iconic writer’s dying wish, who wrote the check just a day before his death.


Antique stores in Woodbury, Connecticut


Quaint and charming Woodbury, Connecticut, is the antiques capital of Connecticut. So, of course more than a few entries on this list call this town in the Litchfield Hills home.


Check-out our top 3 picks for Woodbury, CT, antique stores, and plan a visit that coincides with the Woodbury Flea Market, one of the best flea markets in Connecticut.


6. Monique Shay Antiques and Designs; Woodbury, CT


Another shop with a flair for finding French antiques, the twist here is that the finds are French Canadian.


From La Belle Province in Canada, Monique Shay offers the lovely rustic pieces featured in several home design magazines. These country items include lovely hand-painted cupboards and armoires, ideal for one-of-a-kind storage. You’ll also find a wide variety of furnishings ideal for every room and corner of your home.


Despite their rustic charm, there is no doubt these items have an elegance unique to French-Canadian Antiques.


7. G. Sergeant Antiques; Woodbury, CT


Are you looking for English furniture from the 18th century?


Then G. Sergeant Antiques offers superb examples of the furnishings of this glorious period.


Collectors and museums alike trust the owner to find authentic pieces for their curated collections. So you know you’re on to something good.


Elegance is at the heart of the furnishings found here, with a selection that also includes American and Continental furniture. Art, mirrors, lighting and dozens of other desirable finds are also to be had here.


8. Wayne Mattox Antiques; Woodbury, CT


Museum-quality items found the perfect home in this circa 1835 Greek-Revival house in the lovely town of Woodbury. Carefully selected American and European furniture, in hand with paintings and folk art create the ideal selection interspersed with a good balance of other hidden treasures.


The owners’ unique approach to their selection leaves the doors wide open for discoveries from every era.


Pieces of significance throughout several centuries and decades from furniture to iconic vintage advertisements can be found at Wayne Mattox Antiques. If you are looking for something with impact, personal meaning, or historic relevance this is where you’re sure to find it.


9. Key to the Past Antique & Design Center; East Haven, Connecticut


Room to rummage in one of the best antique shops in CTAnother antiques mall with multiple dealers, Key to the Past features a range of items.


It’s interesting to see the individual tastes and interests of the vendors, in each of their stalls.


Key to the Past features large space, ample parking, friendly and helpful staff, and prices that are more than reasonable. Especially if you’re visiting from Fairfield County, or are used to antiquing in New York City and the Hudson Valley.


And head to nearby New Haven to explore its museums, restaurants, and parks.


10. The Past Antiques Marketplace; Oakdale, CT


This is a great destination as you can also enjoy Nature’s Art Village complex. If you love the idea of pokey spots where it takes patience and determination to sort through wonderful things for unique finds, the Past Antiques Marketplace is the place to go.


Whether you are looking for furniture or jewellery, light fixtures or figurines you’ll want to set aside time every month or so to find what’s new at The Past.


11. Mine in Mystic; Mystic, CT


living room full of victorian antiquesNo antique crawl would be complete without a stop-in at Mystic.


Mine is the ultimate vintage lovers’ find. Antiques and on-trend vintage items stand shoulder to shoulder, appealing to a broad range of tastes from shabby chic to eclectic elegance.


This is a great stop if you are in the market for a bedroom piece with exceptional bureaus and vintage chests. You’ll also find a good mix of other furnishings, including unfinished tables, and a collection of smaller pieces that help make a house a home.


After your search, stop in at the Mystic Museum of Art where you might find it difficult to decide if you should be focused on the art or the lovely views of the garden and river. It’s just one of the many top activities, attractions and things to do in Mystic, Connecticut.


12. Antiques on the Farmington; Collinsville (Canton), CT


Located in historic Collinsville in an 1800s grist mill, there isn’t a better spot to spend a few hours exploring. The 50 vendors at Antiques on the Farmington offer antique and vintage wares of all eras, shapes and sizes.


Satisfy an open mind and undying curiosity with endless opportunities for one-of-a-kind finds. From artwork to clothes and from tools to dining tables, if you need it, chances are you’ll find it here.


After exploring one of the best antique stores in CT, rest your weary bones at Brewery Legitimus and enjoy a cold beer at this craft brewery. This top pick among Connecticut breweries is in the former Waring factory building on Main Street.


Find even more unique shopping throughout Connecticut


antique books on display in one of the best antique shops in CTNow that you’ve finished the list of top antique stores in CT, are you still hungry for more deals?


Or in the mood for more vintage finds, or simply something completely unique?


Head to some of the most unique shopping locations in Connecticut, including our own downtown Greenwich shopping district.


Or better yet, shop local, and shop quirky at the various flea markets sprinkled throughout the state of Connecticut.


Who knows what you’ll find on your next shopping trip?

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