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Since its inception back when I was in high school, the Alive at Five of Stamford Concert Series has been a big draw for people in the area. What was initially headlined by Abba cover bands and other family-friendly performers has turned into a pretty big deal in this area and certainly one of the best events in Stamford.


What to Look Forward to at Alive at Five in Stamford

Every Thursday in the summer, now, Columbus Park (where the concert is located) is usually packed with up to 10,000 people and downtown Stamford is swamped with people enjoying the music. The performers on any particular evening vary, but could include a throw-back to the ‘90s–Blues Traveler, Smash Mouth, and Sugar Ray–but the artists visiting Stamford each summer seem to be getting more and more famous.


Stamford was packed to see this guy (John Popper of Blues Traveler)
Courtesy: Craig ONeal/Flickr


Food at the Alive at Five in Stamford

But even if the performer the Thursday night you go isn’t some big-name celebrity, you’ll be sure to have a great time! You can grab a beer or two and some park food at the event, or fight everybody else for a table outside at one of the restaurants that lines Columbus Park. Local favorites of restaurants in Stamford, CT, include Tiernan’s Irish Pub, Fin II Japanese Food, and Garden Catering.


Curley's diner fronts the alive at five stamford concert
Curley’s Diner has also been on Columbus Park since God knows when.
Courtesy: Gail Frederick/Flickr

You can find the full line-up for this year’s Alive at Five in Stamford here.

Map of Alive at Five Stamford
Here’s a map I swiped off the Alive at Five of Stamford’s website. Be sure to put it to good use.

Interested in going? The Alive at Five in Stamford Series starts each year at the beginning of the summer, and usually ends in August or early September. Held the Thursday of each week, the final show this year is on August 14th, when the Beach Boys have their performance. The entrance fee is $10, or pay five bucks if you arrive before 6 pm. I recommend being older than 21 years old, as the restrictions for people who can’t legally imbibe are kind of ridiculous. Also, don’t bother bringing a backpack, or a cooler–that rule’s public safety related? I guess? Oh, and out-of-state identification requires a second form of ID.


Don’t miss out! That was a lot of rules, but I swear it’s a blast! If you’re looking for somewhere nearby to crash, be sure to read our guide to Stamford, CT, hotels. And for recommendations on even more things to do in Stamford, CT, be sure to download a copy of our free Visitor’s Guide to Stamford!


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