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Stanton House Inn is a perfect pick among New England hotels with fireplace in room
Are you planning a romantic escape to the picturesque charm of New England? One essential element you simply cannot overlook is a cozy fireplace right in the comfort of your own room. Famous for a cozy yet sophisticated ambience and atmosphere, the Connecticut shoreline offers a delightful romantic getaway. And staying in one of the splendid New England hotels with a fireplace in the room is sure to kindle the flames of romance and relaxation.
Among the gems of New England boutique hotels are enchanting Connecticut inns. They boast not only comfortable and luxurious rooms but also feature the allure of a well-appointed fireplace. The gentle flicker of flames dancing playfully within the hearth create an enchanting atmosphere. Whether it’s the convenience of:
  • Working gas fireplaces
  • Or the charm of an Electra-flame fireplace
These in-room amenities in our New England bed and breakfast elevate a simple stay into a memorable and cozy retreat.
We also have gas fireplaces in the public spaces of our bed and breakfast mansion. The dining room and library common area fireplaces add to the romantic ambience of these spacious rooms.

Why New England hotels with fireplace in room are so appealing

A stay in one of our hotel room feels like a stay at a luxury boutique hotel with fireplaceImagine spending a chilly winter evening nestled beside the fireplace with your loved one. You can share quiet conversations or simply bask in the mesmerizing glow. The warmth of the fire and the intimacy it fosters is an experience that turns ordinary moments into cherished memories.
From the moment you step into these inviting abodes, a blend of modern comforts and classic elegance will greet you in our historic inn. The comfort of plush furnishings and the radiant glow of the fireplace in your guest room will complement the allure of our New England inn. It’s an invitation on a cold winter day to:
  • Unwind
  • Disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life
  • And reconnect with your partner in a setting that exudes romance
Regardless of whether you’re seeking a rejuvenating escape from city life or celebrating a special occasion. Romantic Connecticut inns with a fireplace in room offer a slice of paradise that is sure to enchant you. So, indulge in the luxury of a crackling fire, savor the magic of intimate moments, and let the enchantment of New England sweep you off your feet.
And our inn occupies a perfect location for romantic getaways. A visit can feel like a trip to White Mountain National Forest, but without the lengthy drive. We’re only an 1-hour drive from NYC, and a 3-hour drive from downtown Boston. And no wood-burning fireplaces in the house, to get you in front of the fire even faster once you’re here! That said, you’ll find all modern standards here, like air conditioning.

Explore these perfect choices for you, one that even features a private balcony:

King bed in the bedroom of Room 14

Private Entrance, Fireplace, King Bed: Room 14

A romantic poolside room off of the main patio on the south side of the house, Room 14 has a king-size antique-inspired metal bed and antique Victorian furnishings. Located on the first floor, with working gas fireplace and private outside entrance, it has a full bathroom with tub and shower.